March 24, 2017
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     1. This wishbone chair from Target is a perfect way to add an accent of bohemian flare to any  space.

     2.  Always can find great cactus art on Minted.com.

     3.  Love these cactus prints as a pair.

     4.  This wood picture ledge is the best way to display art without putting multiple holes in the wall.                                            

     5.  Mid century modern coffee table at a good price, plus provides extra storage.

     6.  Perfect accent light to provide a touch of gold and wood in your space.

     7.  Adding plants to any room instantly livens up the space and adds color and texture. This little plant would be great in a bathroom or kitchen.

     8.  This natural wood storage cabinet comes with 3 shelves inside for shoes, clothes + more. Perfect for a living, dining, or sleeping space.

     9.  Target has done it again with this outdoor 3-piece rattan wicker patio set. This is definitely on my list to buy for a backyard, or an apartment balcony.

   10.  Beautiful rustic look with a textured finish and natural coloring, this vase's glaze and stone surface make it a charming addition to any display.

   11.  This gorgeous caramel and white cowhide bench provides a welcoming perch in an entryway, at the end of a bed, or as a side/coffee table.

   12.  We all need a little cactus in our life.


January 13, 2017
I'm always on the search for lighting for my designs. New lighting makes all the difference. It can set the mood in a space and make a beautiful statement. It's an excellent way to update your homes. Came across this lighting company called The Urban Electric Co. and thought I would share some of my favorites from their collection.








*Photos via Urban Electric Co. website

To see more lighting from the Urban Electric Co. collection click here.

Hopefully you can use one of these beautiful pieces of lighting in your next project! 


January 2, 2017
Came upon this saying and thought I would share...

Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

Exciting things to share with you all today! Elz Design is working on a special project for a client who bought an older home (1920's) and needed help visualizing the design for the overall main floor.

My client needed my expertise in the following:
1.) How to make the small layout of the kitchen feel larger, including finish selections
2.) How to separate the Dining and Living Room without constructing a wall
3.) How to achieve the modern farmhouse look
4.) Furniture layout

I especially like working on these projects where I can use my rendering skills to visually show the client how the space could look. My favorite part is seeing their reaction from what it looked like before to the beautiful rendered illustrations.

With the design process of renovating a house with a client's wants and needs, I put myself in their shoes of what should be in each space- the style, the functionality, and the value it brings to each home. Even in the kitchen, when they are cooking, how storage and cabinetry should be laid out for easy access and functionality. After walking through the house to get a feel of the home, the ideas started flowing and visually I could see it all completed. Now it's time to take those ideas and show you!

**NOTE: Not all architectural elements are included in these illustrations (i.e. fireplace design, dining room built-ins,  family room built-in bookcase. This does not mean I am not using them in the design, it is just the program I use only allows me to do so much.

These illustrations below is just to give you a feel and layout of the house.

Let’s start with the main level floor plan.





No need to construct walls and enclose two areas,with the use of furniture placement,the Living Room and Dining each have their own separate space.




The Kitchen and Dining room will now be more open with removing part of the wall separating the dining/kitchen. Creating a small peninsula in the middle not only provides more countertop space and cabinet storage, but also a perfect bar seating for two.


Using white cabinetry, light neutral colored walls, and placing the open glass cabinets next to the window reflects the light and makes this small kitchen feel larger. 

Thank you for checking in today to see the vision for this space! Design services and renderings for your personal home or flip home available, check out the options here.


December 5, 2016
Whether you're remodeling or building, designing a functional bathroom is an exciting and thoughtful process. To help bring your dream bath into focus, take time to assess your needs and devise an efficient layout for a functional floor plan. For an existing bath, assess the pros and cons of the current layout. For a new bath, think about how your dream space would function.

Elz Design just completed a Master Bathroom en suite renovation for a wonderful client.  This Master bedroom and bathroom had tons of potential with it's high pitched ceilings and an abundant amount of space. With the right reconfiguration, I was able to maximize both areas to its fullest potential.

Let's take a look at the original layout of the master en suite and my client's wishlist.


Client's Wishlist:

1. Walls to the ceiling
2. One single door to bathroom
3. Larger walk-in closet
4. Double sink vanity
5. Spacious walk-in shower
6. Privacy wall for toilet, (no small toilet room)
7. Bathroom storage
8. Low maintenance finishes
9. Timeless and clean design

Here are a few BEFORE PICTURES...


The couple needed my design services in space planning, drawing up plans for the overall space including the design of the vanity, and help in selecting finishes (i.e. tile, paint colors, countertop, etc.),

First stage of the design process is space planning. I came up with a handful of reconfigurations from more of a high end budget to a more cost effective budget with keeping some of the walls and plumbing in the same existing location. I like to show clients the pros and cons of laying out the room certain ways. It gives them a good sense of why I do things and the logic behind the advise and answers that I give them.

And the winner is OPTION ... 4.

See how I came about designing the layout...

1. Fill in opening with single door for bathroom
2. Remove wall separating closet and bathroom and build new closet walls with door to create a  larger walk-in closet
3. Remove existing linen closet and huge soaker tub, and add a 7 foot double sink vanity with large mirror
4. Privacy wall for toilet
5. Push back shower wall to gain more space in walk-in shower
6. Linen cabinet with open shelving for rolled up towels, plus more storage
7. Add closet rods to create ample amount of hanging space


Using custom cabinetry in a bathroom to create your vanity or other storage solutions can really make a huge difference in how well your bathroom works for you and your family on a daily basis. 

Here is an elevation of custom cabinetry work...

And finally the AFTER PICTURES...

Hope you enjoyed seeing this Master Bathroom en suite renovation come to life! Onto the next project!

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