July 30, 2014
First walking into this house and seeing original hardwood floors in great condition was a bonus check just waiting at our door! Then I ran into the linoleum floor in the kitchen.   I was hoping and anxiously waiting for this day to come. After tearing out the kitchen cabinets, I could only see a gray felt, with some wood peeking through. Could it be true? Hardwood floors underneath?

What was discovered… Three Floors.  Really?  Base floor - original pine floor, the same floors that are throughout the bedrooms and hallway. Some sort of glued down felt is on top of that, next plywood sub floor, then original checkered pattern VCT tile, and another sub floor, and last but not least glued linoleum.  This is a man’s job to take up! Even trying with a big crowbar the floors weren’t moving or maybe I just need to get stronger.
After tearing up all three layers and removing 5,000 + staples, it was time to tackle this felt.  After 4 hours of scraping and going through multiple bottles of solution, it didn’t seem like we made any progress on removing the felt.
So time to speak to the expert flooring guy..  He discovered he would be able to get the felt up, but the hard wood floor underneath would be in really bad shape. When the sub floor was put down, they cut it on top of the wood floors making extremely large cuts. NOOOOO!!!! Sigh. I really wanted to try to save this beautiful wood floor. I like the look and feel of using old & new in a space, catches the eye and makes people talk. With new cabinetry and new walls, the cut up floors would have been out of place. They were so bad that the flooring guy even said people would walk into the space and wonder what had happened to the floors. So, the money we were going to spend on restoring the wooden kitchen floor will now go towards new tile.
Next up is adding character to the house.. my favorite! :)
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