October 30, 2014
  “When first approaching a room design, don’t think about how you want it to look, think about how you want it to feel, what mood, and emotion do you want it to give off. How do You want to feel when you are at home – ask yourself that question first.” –Edyta Czajkowska

The Dining Room is one of my favorite rooms in this house! I like the simplicity and calmness it brings, and no matter where I am in the house, I always have a view of the dining room. My first goal in re-designing a room is to create some sort of inviting focal point to draw your attention to the room’s “character” with either architectural elements, accent color, lighting, or even art work, etc. These focal points help the eye move from room to room. For example, in the Living Room, the enormous fireplace with the new paneled surface catches the eye first, then the eye focuses in on the industrial metal light framed perfectly under the beautiful archway leading into the Dining Room.

Feels like this light was designed specifically for this space. J And the best part… I purchased it for under $100. BARGAIN!

“Light is the magical ingredient that makes or breaks a space; it’s one of the most important elements in all my interiors.”-Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz
The calming blue/gray paint color above the new board and batten walls acts as an accent color… also helping bring the eye from the oversized fireplace to across the room.  Using this color at the top of the paneled surface and not an overall paint color in this room makes the space appear much larger than what it actually is.  

I topped the room off with some neutral curtains (instead of blinds) so there will be natural sunlight pouring in all day long. The length and height of the curtains further helps accentuate the room’s nine foot ceilings.

Also, notice that the huge swinging door leading into the kitchen is gone… Kitchen reveal is up next!
FYI: The black table and chairs was passed down to me. I will be using the black table because it goes well with the black light fixture. I am in the search of looking for other chairs for this room…Thoughts?
Get the look:  Wall Paint Here

                       Trim Paint Here

                       Industrial Metal Light Here Similar look  Here & Here
                         Curtain Rod Here

                       Curtains (Tuesday Morning) Similar look Here
Thanks for following! Check out the Before and After pictures here!
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