January 5, 2015
Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! It's a new year, which means... I have all sorts of exciting things to show you all! Came upon this quote and thought I would share...

"The meaning of Life is to find your gift. The purpose of Life is to give it away."
                                                                                            -William Shakespeare

With the design process of renovating a house without a clients wants and needs, I put myself in their shoes of what should be in each space- the style, the functionality, and the value it brings to each home. First, I typically walk-through the house to get a feel of the home. Then the ideas start flowing! I was blessed with the talent of being able to walk through a space and be able to look past the dated d├ęcor and finishes and visually see it all completed. Now the hardest part is taking those ideas and putting them on paper so others can see. My favorite part is the transformation from a run-down house to giving someone a beautiful home.

Okay so with what I can do, with what I have, and where I am… I use a simple rendering program and photoshop to help visually show you my ideas for this Colonial. This is just to give you a feel and layout of the house. These are not the finishes… again NOT THE FINAL FINISHES. The program I use only allows me to do so much.

Let’s start with the first level floor plan.
The Kitchen and Dining room will now be all open with a huge island in the middle. I also added a back door that leads out to a nice large deck to host parties and family get together’s. The renderings below are just to show you the layout of the space. You’ll have to wait to see the final finishes.



The Living Room is now more open to the Sunroom by removing the bookcase that was previously there. I discovered that the sunroom was originally a porch with two doorways and was turned into an “office.” Now it will have two openings again, but be a nice cozy room to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee.


Moving onto the second floor...

Before the house was a four bedroom with one and a half bath. The Master Bedroom shared a door with the so called small “nursery.” I created a Master Suite using the nursery space. I added a Master Bath that will have a double vanity sink and a huge walk-in shower with an attached walk-in master closet. I also was able to move the laundry from the basement and have it accessible near the bedrooms. Perfect for someone who doesn’t want to walk two flights of stairs multiple times a day to do laundry. They will thank me one day.


Now the basement…well let’s just say it’s a MAJOR change as to what it looked like before. Working with the investor on this, we are designing it into a beautiful walk out basement. You’ll have to wait to see this beauty.

Keep on following to see the updated changes so far to the outside of the house…..coming up next!
  1. it is really charming with the flowery curtains. I can imagine that there will be quite a few people who like this theme.
    bathroom remodel


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